Tramadol Addiction Treatment

What Medication Is Best For Tramadol Addiction Treatment

The withdrawal syndrome that comes after ceasing to take doses of tramadol may not be as easy as how others testify. While most people consider tramadol as a less potent substance compared to other opioid painkillers, the trouble it poses during withdrawal could be far more challenging.

However, there is a solution to overcome the withdrawal pain that comes with tramadol addiction. Medications can help ease the discomfort and make treatment less likely to trigger a relapse. If treatment is left without medical care, serious health risks are likely to follow. It is best to seek medical care once determined to put an end to one’s tramadol addiction.

What Medicine Works Best For Tramadol Withdrawal

Tramadol withdrawal, as most people describe it, comes with terrible flu-like symptoms. Specifically, there is body malaise and headache, and some would even suffer from nausea as well as diarrhea. Most people typically go through these symptoms during withdrawal. However, tramadol poses another set of uncommon withdrawal symptoms.

Depersonalization, or the experience of losing touch with reality, may be experienced during tramadol withdrawal. Although this may not be fatal, it can still pose self-harm and violence. Experiencing hallucination is something that needs to be attended to with great importance. If left uncared, it can be a serious problem in the long run.

These occasions can be remedied by medical prescriptions. Certain opioid substances can serve as a substitute for tramadol so that the body’s dependence on the drug may not be abruptly disrupted while getting rid of tramadol in the body. It is by quitting cold turkey which causes a surge of extremely painful withdrawal symptoms.


Tramadol Addiction TreatmentMethadone is a long-acting substance that helps manage tramadol withdrawal symptoms. It also plays a great role in reducing cravings for the drug. Only certified methadone clinics are qualified to prescribe this drug. Methadone still poses a highly addictive factor, however; when used with medical guidance, it can be safe.

Methadone has long proven its effectiveness when it comes to managing opioid withdrawal symptoms and cravings for these substances such as tramadol. Research suggests that methadone treatment may run for at least 12 months, although there are cases where it needs to be taken longer.


Buprenorphine is also another opioid substitute that works with similar effects as methadone. It helps reduce withdrawal symptoms and limits cravings for the drug. It is mostly available in any addiction center, unlike methadone. People from rural areas mostly benefit from this availability of the drug.

Subutex is a popular brand for buprenorphine. As a partial opioid receptor, buprenorphine is less likely to induce high and can be safely administered by a physician during addiction treatment. Doses of buprenorphine can be decreased from daily to alternate day basis as soon as progress is evident in the condition of the patient.


Tramadol Addiction TreatmentSuboxone is formulated by the combination of buprenorphine and naloxone and is taken by dissolving a film under the patient’s tongue. As an opioid antagonist, naloxone alone reverses the effects of opioids. In combination with buprenorphine, it acts on the body by blocking the euphoric effects of opioid substances such as tramadol.

Suboxone is typically used between 12 and 24 hours after the last dose of tramadol. The risk of precipitated withdrawal can occur when a person takes Suboxone with the presence of tramadol in the body. The medication is likely to remove tramadol in the receptors resulting in an extremely unpleasant withdrawal. This can be prevented with medical supervision.

Overall, these are the top three medications usually prescribed during tramadol withdrawal. The best medication would still be the one that is legally prescribed and is taken in conjunction with behavioral interventions. It remains pointless to take these drugs without exerting dedication towards counseling and therapies.

What Other Medications Can Be Prescribed During Tramadol Addiction Treatment

Multiple other medications can ease specific withdrawal symptoms from tramadol. Even when a person is under medication, it is still not a guarantee that one can be free from suffering from withdrawal pain. However, the discomfort can be more tolerable compared to a withdrawal without medical care.

Other advantages of medically assisted treatment are the prevention of relapse and the less likely tendency to suffer from overdose due to failed withdrawal attempts. A patient who is constantly monitored by a health professional is safe from suffering severe complications and doses are more controlled to suit the needs of the patient.

For insomnia and anxiety

Valium is the most common prescription to relieve occasions of insomnia and anxiety. The drug has the tendency to calm the brain and the nerves, helping one feel more restful and undisturbed. However, this must be taken as recommended by the physician since it contains an addictive factor.

For sweating and anxiety

Tramadol Addiction TreatmentClonidine is a very common prescription to ease the discomfort caused by restlessness. It is typically prescribed during tramadol withdrawal to reduce sweating and anxiety, as well as hot flashes and watery eyes. It can be safely administered and does not pose any risk for addiction.

For body malaise

Ibuprofen or acetaminophen are capable of alleviating the discomfort from muscle aches or body malaise during tramadol withdrawal. This is a class of over-the-counter drugs that still needs to be taken as prescribed. This medicine is a great help in making one feel more at ease and well-rested.

For nausea and vomiting

Metoclopramide can alleviate conditions of nausea and vomiting. These are common withdrawal symptoms brought by opioids such as tramadol. A medical prescription is still necessary to take hold of this medicine since this also contains an addictive factor. Doses must be strictly controlled by a medical expert.

For diarrhea

Loperamide is the solution for those who suffer from diarrhea during tramadol withdrawal. This is also another over-the-counter drug that can be safely taken by patients. On top of this medication, it is also important for one to stay highly hydrated when experiencing diarrhea to avoid further complications.


Always get a prescription from a doctor for your tramadol treatment. They have the license and experience to give medical prescriptions to patients. If you have some questions, feel free to reach out and we will give you a response within 24 hours or earlier.

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