Gabapentin Rehab

Can I Recover Without Gabapentin Rehab

You can find natural methods of recovering from Gabapentin addiction. This is a good alternative to traditional methods of rehabilitation. However, what motivates a person to get well is their desire to recover and be back to their healthy self. This will drive you to do your best to be sober.

Most patients who have successfully recovered from addiction are those that completed their rehab program. They receive proper guidance and medication that helps them recover from substance use disorder. It’s never advisable to medicate yourself on your own, otherwise, it can lead to an overdose of other substances.

When Is the Best Time for Treatment?

When you start feeling not yourself and you always crave Gabapentin, that’s a sign that you need to get medical assistance for your substance use disorder. But oftentimes, many people deny that they are under the influence, so they would continue to use Gabapentin even beyond prescription.

There’s a silver lining between dependence and addiction. The former comes first, and if you can no longer control your consumption, tolerance can quickly turn to addiction. When is the best time for you to get treated? The best answer is today. The moment you feel something is not right about your drug intake, you can consult your doctor. They are the right professional who can diagnose your condition if you have addiction problems or not.

Can You Stop Addiction Without Rehab?

There’s a chance that you can stop using Gabapentin without going to rehab, but it will be with risks. Significant health consequences can arise from cold turkey with Gabapentin. Depending on your addiction level, withdrawal symptoms can be mild to fatal, and you can feel that within the first six hours of your last dose.

The danger of painful withdrawal symptoms cannot be discounted. It can lead to seizures, organ failure, and even death. The best way for you to protect yourself is to consult a doctor or addiction recovery specialist. They are the right professionals to go to when you want to be advised on the best methods to recover from substance abuse.

The pain levels of withdrawal depend on how severe your addiction status is. The kind of drug you are using also matters. If you are using other illicit substances along with Gabapentin, the more dangerous your withdrawal symptoms are. If you are going to treat yourself at home, it would be challenging for you to determine how these withdrawal signs can impact your vital signs. Consulting with a doctor or recovery specialist is the safest way to know this matter.

Your physician or addiction recovery specialist will evaluate your condition, and recommend methods on how you can safely detox and recover. When you go to inpatient rehab, you will get 24/7 medical care from them. They can look after your day and night. In case something goes wrong with your vital signs, they will be there to help you.

Gabapentin Rehab

Why Don’t People Go to Rehab?

Even if society knows the importance of going to rehab, still, many of them don’t go to rehab. There are various reasons why individuals aren’t going to rehab, and we’re going to explore them below.

Feeling they don’t need it

The feeling of independence and being able to handle their situation on their own is one main reason. People think addiction is not a serious problem, and that they can handle this in their own hands. But this is dangerous since the person will be prone to self-medication, overdose, and possible dependence on other substances.


The stigma associated with drug abuse is high in any society. Once you enroll in rehab, they would know that you’re under the influence of drugs, and that marks a shame on you. If this is a big deal to your family, the more you are hesitant of going into treatment. Stigma will always be there, yet it won’t help you recover from Gabapentin addiction. You need to overcome addiction, and enrolling in formal treatment is your best choice.

Financial barriers

The cost of treatment is expensive, and it’s the second reason why people are reluctant to go into rehab. But you can find ways of financing your treatment, there are many state-funded rehab centers and grants you can take advantage of for your well-being. This financial assistance can help you cover around 50 to 70 percent of your rehab treatment cost while the remaining balance can be resolved out of pocket, or if you have healthcare insurance.

Location and travel

The availability of options for rehab centers also depends on where you are residing right now. If you’re in the countryside or rural areas, you have fewer options, so you will be forced to go to the city to find various rehab centers.

The distance and time it takes for you to travel from your house to the rehab center also matter. If you need to stay away from your house for a while to save time, money, and gas, then that would be your best choice.

Gabapentin Rehab

Risk of being laid off

Enrolling into rehab, especially if it’s inpatient rehab, you will need to take time off from your work or school. Considering this, you are afraid of being laid off from work, or the number of responsibilities you need to catch up on after completing rehab. This is one of the major reasons why people are reluctant to go into treatment. They don’t want to lose their job or be buried with tasks that they need to cover for the time they are off since they need to go to treatment.


The chance of recovering from Gabapentin addiction is high when you enroll in a rehab program. You will be given the appropriate care to help you recover and live a drug-free life. The journey of treatment is not a walk in the park, however, you will find new connections that will inspire you to recover and be sober for life. You are not alone in this endeavor as you have rehab centers to help you. If you have further questions about Gabapentin rehab, feel free to contact us.

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