Drunk Driving

Effects Of Drunk Driving

Driving while intoxicated with liquor affects everyone, that includes your body, your loved ones inside the vehicle, and the people outside who will get hurt when you crash on them. Considering all these consequences, it’s better not to put yourself behind the wheels when you’re tipsy already. By doing that, you’re doing yourself and the

Binge Drinking

Binge Drinking Facts

Drinking is usually a part of social activities and  people do it for different reasons and occasions. If we look at history, people drink wine to enhance their digestion, while for some cultures they do it during festivities and special gatherings. Unfortunately, there’s also a downside to this habit, especially when you binge drink and

Inpatient Rehab

What Is Inpatient Rehab Like?

People who are suffering from addictions or substance abuse often have to go to rehab centers for them to recover. For many rehab programs, patients often have to stay inside a facility for months. This is known as inpatient rehab. It involves a lot of different treatments, which mostly include psychological therapies, behavioral therapies, and