Adderall Addiction

Treatments For Adderall Addiction

If you find yourself or your loved one addicted to Adderall, then it’s about time to rethink and realize the negative things it is doing to you and your loved ones. Substance abuse is a disease that is treatable as long as you are willing to undergo rehab treatment.

In this read, we are going to share the important points and benefits of getting professional treatment from a reputable rehab center with guidance from a doctor or an addiction specialist. Start reading to understand more about it.

13 Essential Elements of An Effective Addiction Treatment

Here is the fundamental basis to see if addiction treatment is effective or not.

  1. Adderall AddictionDespite the complexity of substance abuse, it is a curable disease.
  2. An effective rehab program will be a combination of various therapies and medication.
  3. Intervention and treatment must be done as early as possible to avoid further complications and worsening of the patient’s condition.
  4. An excellent recovery program will address the entire aspect of the patient’s condition, meaning it will cover the physical, mental, social, and behavioral aspects of well-being.
  5. It is also not a good sign if you are staying long enough in your treatment.
  6. Behavioral therapies play a critical role in reshaping your positive habits and disposition.
  7. Combining medications and behavioral therapies is an excellent recovery program.
  8. There must be a periodic assessment of the patient’s progress so that the doctor can modify the treatment based on the progress.
  9. When there is a co-occurring mental disorder, a separate treatment must be addressed to heal it.
  10. Sometimes recovery programs need not be voluntary, as long as it is reasonable, safe, and effective.
  11. A stringent supervision with the patient’s drug use must be done to avoid relapse.
  12. Detox with medical supervision is the first step to any treatment program.
  13. The patient must be tested for any presence of blood-related or sexually-transmitted diseases. Also, they must be taught the proper ways of taking care of themselves to avoid these diseases.

What Is the Usual Flow of Treatment?

If you want yourself or your loved one to recover from Adderall Addiction, then enrolling in a rehab center is your best option. You can either choose between inpatient or outpatient treatment programs, which you need to consult with your doctor or addiction specialist.

Nevertheless, here is the general outline of how your treatment plan will be done.

  1. Intervention with your family and doctor to increase self-awareness and the acceptance of getting professional help to recover from addiction.
  2. Consult with a doctor or addiction specialist to receive a tailored-fit treatment for your substance use disorder.
  3. Behavioral therapies and support groups.
  4. Medically supervised detox program.
  5. Continuous evaluation of your progress while undergoing treatment.
  6. Treatment of co-occurring mental disorders.
  7. Aftercare program to give further guidance and counseling to avoid any relapse.

Inpatient Treatment for Adderall Addiction

When you have middle to severe Adderall addiction, it is mostly recommended that you go for an inpatient treatment plan. With that, you will be in a homey and controlled environment, away from risk factors and triggers that might cause a relapse.

In terms of duration, the usual length for inpatient treatment is between 28 to 30 days. However, it will technically depend on the severity of your addiction and the overall condition of your body.

What can you expect from this recovery program?

Adderall AddictionThis program has a structured plan for the various activities you need to do for the entire week or duration of your treatment. These activities can include morning exercise, counseling, support group sessions, medication, detoxification, recreational activities, family bonding, and more.

Likewise, you will receive 24/7 medical assistance in case your withdrawal symptoms are painful. Also, your detox sessions are always supervised by a doctor or medical personnel.

Also, the doctors will evaluate if you have any co-occurring mental disorder due to your substance use disorder. If there is, then a separate treatment will be given to you to cure it.

The Role of Behavioral Therapies for Your Recovery

When you abuse Adderall or any other drugs, it isn’t just your body that needs to be modified but also your behavior. Why? Because if we are talking about long-term sobriety, then it all boils down to having a healthy behavior and thinking towards risk factors.

With that, here are the three main roles of counseling and behavioral therapies for you:

  • It can help you change your bad habits and routines to good ones.
  • Motivates you to choose a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Boosts your will and determination to religiously abide by your other treatment activities.

Outpatient Treatment Program for Adderall Addiction

Adderall AddictionThis recovery program allows you to stay in your original home and you get to do your usual activities at school or work. However, you will follow a schedule for your counseling, medication, and assessment, so that there is proper monitoring of your progress.

Despite this convenience, you are exposed to the risk factors in your original environment which made you abuse Adderall in the first place. It means you have more challenges to overcome so that you won’t have a relapse.

Furthermore, here are some of the common behavioral therapies offered for your outpatient treatment plan.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Your counselor will help you develop a positive coping mechanism and mindset to overcome triggers whenever you encounter them.

  • Motivational Interviewing (MI)

It aims to enhance your reasons and motivation to go into treatment. With that, you can seamlessly gain strength amidst the endeavors of your treatment process.

  • Motivational Incentives

To encourage you to avoid using Adderall, your counselor will give you certain rewards or positive reinforcements for every day or month you maintain your sobriety.

  • Multidimensional Family Therapy

This therapy will allow your family to give you moral and emotional support so that you can efficiently survive the entire recovery process. Likewise, it is an excellent avenue to rebuild your connection and trust with your family.

Consult with an Addiction Specialist to Start Your Treatment

Self-medication will never be a great idea if you plan to get sober because it will only make things worse. In contrast, getting professional advice from a doctor or addiction specialist is your best decision to get a suitable treatment program.

The friendly, safe, and homey ambiance of rehab centers will provide you a supportive environment to recover from Adderall Addiction. Start your treatment today.

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