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How Much Alcohol Is In Tequila?

Tequila is a famous drink that greatly contributes to Mexico’s economy. Its production dates back to the 1600s and now they have modern ways of producing the finest content of tequila in the liquor industry.

Well, it’s a distilled spirit, so you can expect it to be strong, and it’s usually associated with the saying, “One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, and Floor!”

Let’s talk about the strength of tequila and other related topics to it.

What Is Tequila?

It’s a distilled spirit that is made from fermented Weber blue agave or agave tequilana. In terms of its production, the Mexican government only allows specific areas where it can be produced, and that includes Jalisco, Tamaulipas, Guanajuato, Michoacán, and Nayarit.

How much alcohol is in Tequila?

Alcohol AbuseThis hard liquor has an alcohol by volume (ABV) content of 50% to 51%. In terms of strong distilled spirits, it has comparable strength with vodka and whiskey.

Besides expressing alcohol content in ABV, you can also see the “Proof” number in most labels of liquors, wines, and beers. You get the proof number by multiplying the ABV content by 2. For instance, a drink is labeled 12% ABV, and so its proof number is 24 (12% x 2).

How much alcohol is in one shot of Tequila?

One shot of this distilled spirit is around 44 ml or 1.5 fluid ounce. Then the average ABV of tequila is between 50% to 51%, so one shot will likely have 22 ml to 22.44 ml of pure edible ethanol.

This is higher than the alcohol contents of wines and beers, which are at 12% and 5%, respectively. You need to drink around 36 glasses of wine at 5 ounces per glass to reach the same alcohol concentration for one shot of tequila.

Because of its high alcohol content, it’s always recommended that you drink it moderately. Likewise, only have two to three shots per day, if you just want to enjoy the digestive benefits of this drink.

Tequila VS Vodka: Which Is Stronger?

Both of these drinks are clear spirits, meaning they have undergone distillation for enhanced purity and strength. Technically, these two have a similar starting point for ABV, which is at 40%, but vodka has a higher range which is at 95% ABV, while tequila is maxed at 51%.

Basically, both are hard liquors and can totally smash you out with fewer shots than having beers and wines on the table. Additionally, let’s further outline further comparisons between these two famous spirits:

  • Raw material: Vodka was originally made from potatoes but now they are using rye and wheat. Whereas, tequila is made from Weber blue agave plant.
  • Calories: There are different brands of tequila and vodka in the market, and so, there’s no distinct comparison on which one has a lower calorie content. Nevertheless, tequila and vodka at 40% ABV have approximately 65 to 69 calories per fluid ounce.
  • Taste: Between the two, tequila has more exciting flavors than vodka. Tequila’s taste depends on the “age” of the drink, so there are more distinct earthy tones for older drinks. In contrast, pure vodka is tasteless, that’s why a lot of manufacturers put artificial flavorings on it.

Tequila VS Whiskey: Which Is Stronger?

AlcoholismLet’s now compare tequila with another famous distilled spirit, and that is whiskey. So there’s a continued debate on which one is stronger, so let’s talk about it.

Based on ABV, whiskey is stronger than tequila since the former has an ABV between 40%-68%, while the latter is at 50%-51%. There’s only a slight difference between these two, and it’s mostly up to the consumer on which he wants to have for the occasion.

Additionally, in terms of raw materials used, whiskey is made from different grains, while tequila is made from Weber blue agave plant.

Why Does Tequila Taste Sweet?

Well, there are two types of tequilas: mixto tequilas and the 100% agave tequilas. The former only has 51% agave while the 49% are fermented juices from sugar cane. If you tasted a sweet tequila before, then that’s probably a mixto tequila.

Conversely, a 100% agave will definitely give you the purest flavor and taste of tequila, which is usually recommended by bartenders. Likewise, you’ll feel less burn and harsh sensations in your gut when drinking this type.

Why Does My Stomach Burn When Drinking Tequila?

Alcohol AddictionTechnically, it’s not just tequila but all kinds of liquors and fermented drinks which give you a burning sensation in your gut. You feel this way since alcohol encourages your stomach to produce more acid, which gives you that burning sensation.

It’s the reason why you’ll have gastritis, especially when you’re drinking on an empty stomach. Conversely, the positive side of this, alcohol helps boost your metabolism. The main reason why you’re advised to drink one or two shots before and after eating.

Does Tequila Kill Bacteria?

This clear spirit is made of 50% to 51% pure ethanol, which meets the requirement of a disinfectant (50% to 80% alcohol). Generally, you can use tequila in disinfecting your wounds, and you see that in movies as well.

The high alcohol concentration of this drink is capable of eliminating bacteria and viruses on surfaces. However, it’ll be impractical to use this expensive liquor for plain disinfection only.

What is Tequila Called When It’s Produced Outside Mexico?

This clear spirit is exclusively made in Mexico State and other accredited municipalities like Jalisco and Nayarit. However, when you see tequila that is made outside Mexico, then it’s called “mezcal”.

Do You Need Help With Your Alcohol Drinking Problems?

Binge drinking on a weekend can be a start for more unhealthy behavior. You need to reflect on your drinking habits and see if you’re still in control or not.

Oftentimes, people are unaware that they’re already having five or more drinks per day. What’s worse is that you no longer feel normal when you can’t sip tequila or any liquor in a day.

If you reach this point, then it means you’re having an alcohol use disorder. This is still treatable, and it starts when you accept your condition and that you need professional help.

Seek advice from doctors or an addiction specialist since they can provide you with a custom treatment program for overcoming this addiction.

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